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St Ives Methodist Church

Jun 6, 2010

IF YOU ONLY LISTEN TO ONE PODCAST, MAKE IT THIS ONE. Rev Matt Finch informs the church of his vision for St Ives Methodist Church - with radical inspiring plans. What does church look like for young adults? What does church look like for families? Church structure now has one thing at its heart - Sunday Morning Worship. Is this a model we wish to continue? Many churches do not meet with young families and young adults well, and evidence suggests those of that age group who are likely to church in the future will probably to be only going to city mega-churches that are able to reach young adults well. Can the church become a church of networks, fitting with patterns of life, whilst still remaining connected and part of one church? Listen, be challenged - and let us know what you think! Tell us at and join the discussion, whatever you have to say. To be a Christian doesn't mean you have to come to church on a Sunday morning, being a Christian is about finding out how discipleship works for you in your life. There will be expressions of church that will reach our community where we all are. We need faith, trust, patience, creativity, be willing to take risks and above all we need prayer. We need to listen to God and be led by him.